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Arenzano is a pleasant small town with about 11.000 inhabitants,supplied by nature with wonderful coasts and beautiful green areas. Tourist centre for season and day holidays, it is provided with environmental,sport and cultural resources complying with any taste and need.

Parco del Beigua: a few minutes from the b & b there are very suggestive trails in our Ligurian mountains, on the paths the sea is behind us and when we turn we enjoy the fantastic view from the top of the Genoese Gulf, Liguria.

For some interested there are observation points of migratory birds that pass right here and for this the Biancone is famous. Are you a birdwatcher? Come visit!

There are beaches and sea for the summer, winter excursions also for lovers of photography!

Bicycle routes for those who prefer to pedal, instead of walking: the stretch of walk on the sea between Arenzano and Varazze is highly recommended and highly recommended.

Also if you are in Arenzano you cannot help but discover the Park of Villa Negrotto Cambiaso. The famous peacocks are noble birds that are unforgettable because of their colors and the wheel made of feathers. The peacocks are special: sometimes you can see them walking on the road and crossing the stripes like us humans! In addition to peacocks, in the park there are various species of animals such as geese, swans, water turtles and fish in the numerous ponds scattered around the park. If you are lucky, someone will also see rabbits, which are very sweet.

Inside the park is the town hall of Arenzano, in the ancient castle that belonged to the marquise of Arenzano.

Villa Figoli is another attraction: the park is smaller but very nice and suitable for a walk and a picnic on the lawn. The villa is currently the site of the Costa Crociere courses, which is why it is frequented by many.

In Arenzano there is the tourist port, very quiet and romantic: it offers diving service for those who want to dive, with experienced people who also accompany the divers to explore the wreck of the oil tanker Haven, sunk off the coast of Arenzano.

Environmental Resources:vacanze Arenzano, bed and breakfast Arenzano
Coasts suitable for swimming, pedestrian walks and byke riding.
Public park with a large amount of trees, plants, flowers and animals (some beautiful peacocks).
Tourist haven from which public boats sail to Portofino and East Riviera.
Mountains areas where many excursions from Arenzano are possible.

Sport: vacanze Arenzano, bed and breakfast Arenzano
Swimming, water polo, bowls, fishing, basket,
sailing school, water sky school, horse riding school,
tennis school, diving club

Cultural Resources:vacanze Arenzano, bed and breakfast Arenzano
Comune di Arenzano
Comune di Genova
Comune di Savona
Nuovo cinema Italia di Arenzano
Teatro il Sipario Strappato di Arenzano
Accademia Musicale Teresiana di Arenzano

In the sorroundings
Città di Genova
Città di Savona
Borgo antico Città di Noli
Borgo antico Città di Varigotti
Baia dei Saraceni
Borgo antico di Finalborgo
Borgo antico di Cervo
Borgio Verezzi
Isola di Bergeggi
Parco del Beigua